In Memoriam

Charles R. Underwood MD


     In the sure and certain hope in the resurrection we announce the passing of Charles R Underwood, MD on May 28, 2024, peacefully at home in the company of his family. He joins his beloved wife, Ellie, his much loved brother, Fred and his parents Mr. and Mrs. Fred Underwood, and a host of extended family and friends who preceded him in death.
     A native of Russellville, Ala., he graduated from Emory University Underwood is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Underwood was Kennestone Hospital Chief of Staff 1961-1962 and Chief of Surgery 1964-1965. He joined the Cobb County Medical Society in 1957. Dr. Underwood was also a member of the AMA, the Medical Association of Georgia, and the American Cancer Society. In 1987 he received the latter organization’s Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Control of Cancer. He served as president of Emory’s Medical Alumni Association in the 1960s and sat on the Board of Directors of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Georgia from 1973 to 1997. Dr. Underwood was a prolific writer. He also served as editor of the Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia from 1986 to 1992. He wrote articles for Scripts, the Medical Journal of Cobb County Medical Society.
Scripts Article (Fall, 2011):  “Are we having fun yet?”
     Cobb Symposium was established in 1965 by the Cobb Medical Society. Dr. Underwood was Chairman of the Symposium in 1975. He brought Dr. Margaret Mead to speak at the Symposium at Kennesaw College. In 1984, Underwood was named to the Board of Trustees of the Georgia Hospital Association and in 1997 was elected chairman of that board. In this role, Underwood has earned plaudits for his efforts to keep the viewpoint of doctors in front of hospital administrators and to improve relations between doctor organizations and hospital organizations.
     Dr. Underwood had a way with words. In 1976, Dr. Underwood was chairman of MAG’s committee on HMOs. In an article in the journal: “The direct delivery of medical services should be limited to licensed physicians, the governing body of any HMO should be controlled by physicians…”
     From the time he and Ellie moved to Marietta they were members of First Presbyterian Church where he served as Elder for many years. He is survived and loved forever by his five children, Rick, Laura, Jim, Bill and Rob, his daughters in law Micheline, Sandy, Lynne, and Susan, his grandchildren, Elisabeth, Leah, Stefan, Patrick, Charles Robert, William, Caroline, and Ellie Grace, and his great granddaughter Elyse.
     Join us for a memorial service to honor Charles R Underwood, MD on Monday, July 1, at 11:00 AM at First Presbyterian Church.