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Balancing and Efficiency, Dr. Gaston June 16th  View Video  Download Slides
Cardiology Conference, March 13th  View Videos
Pediatric Conference, “Physician Burnout”, March 16th  View Video
Coronavirus CME

COVID-19: Keeping Up with a Moving Target
Coronavirus Update
COVID-19 by the Numbers
Coronavirus Infections—More Than Just the Common Cold
From Containment to Mitigation of COVID-19 in the US

Other CME Courses
CV Risk Factors
Associations of Dietary Cholesterol or Egg Consumption With Incident Cardiovascular Disease and Mortality 1 credit
Electronic Health Records
EHR Implementation 1 credit
Cancer screening
Lung Cancer Screening: From Science to Practice 15 credits
Leading Change
Plan-Do-Study-Act(PDSA) 0.5 credit
Joint Pain and Proteinuria 1 credit
Atrial Fibrillation
Effect of Catheter Ablation vs Antiarrhythmic Drug Therapy…. 1 credit
Rhythm Disorders
Electrocardiographic Diagnosis of Atrial Arrhythmias 1 credit
Workflow and Process
Team-Based Care… .5 credit
A Patient With Abnormal Abdominal CT…. 1 credit
Should Physicians Offer a Ventricular Assist Device 1 credit
Clinical Challenge
A Man With Headache, Fever, and Neck Stiffness 1 credit
Workflow and Process
Team Meetings .5 credit
Clinical Challenge
A Young Woman With Chest Pain 1 credit
Workflow and Process
Daily Team Huddles .5 credit
Professional Well-Being
Creating the Organizational Foundation for Joy in Medicine .5 credit
Workflow and Process
Team Documentation .5 credit
Workflow and Process
Team Culture .5 credit
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